Lucerne, Switzerland. Perfect for a day trip.

I had some time off work and finally took the chance to make the train trip from my German hometown of Freiburg to Lucerne. The journey takes around two and a half hours. Thankfully, it happened to be a clear day when the Swiss Alps and Mt Pilatus were visible. I’ve always been a mountain lover as opposed to a beach lover.

As time didn’t allow, I only saw the touristy places in Lucerne. Also the weather was cold out on the lake and I have an aversion to boats, ships, ferries for no good reason.

There are only 50,000 or so inhabitants of Lucerne which is quite small for a city.   Obviously the majority are wealthy with their own houses and gardens, most having views of the Alps and lake.  I got lost in the inner suburbs while walking up steep hills looking for the Lion monument.  It was worth the arduous walk as the monument is bigger then I imagined it would be.

The Chapel Bridge, originally built the 1300’s, was partially burnt down in 1993. While walking across I ponder over what was and staring into the crystal clear water below and take photos of the reconstruction. Neighbouring the bridge is the water tower which was once a prison and torture chamber. Stretching across the Reuss River, it was named after the nearby St Peters Chapel.

There is another less famous wooden bridge still standing since the 1408 with the boast of being the first undercover bridge in Europe. Medieval artworks representing the “Dance of Death” are displayed along the roof of the Spreuer Bridge.

The city walls are still intact and looking stronger than any other I’ve seen in Europe.  As I walked around the edge, school kids were heading home for the day, released out of impressive school buildings which looked more like palaces.

I saw quite a few signs advertising horse meat delicacies at restaurants so I steered clear from them and went to the large department store for a “banquet selection”.

The seating inside, because of the cold weather, was full of diners so I went outside on to the terrace, which as totally vacant and all mine along with the view.

Lucerne is a walkable, compact town and looks very liveable, like all of Switzerland.  There seem to be a lot of old retired folk around spending their last days in spectacular surroundings. Good luck to them as I’m jealous.

Link to my Switzerland Flickr Set


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